Friday, November 20, 2009

Waiting for clarification...

Alright, well, here's the current UK status:  We should still be heading to the UK next year, but it might get delayed a wee bit.  Why?  The director of Josh's company won't sign-off on Josh's secondment, as the company has a lot of work headed their way at the start of next year.  This is a GREAT thing for the company....but it also means that there's a lot of work to be done...and with a hiring freeze still in place...well, they'd like to keep Josh around for the work.  So, we have no doubt that this will work itself out.  the boys will come to a compromise.

If it turns out that we end up NOT going, well, we'll be pretty disappointed, and I'll have needlessly cut off engravings and custom work...but I'll have a lot of awesome crowns in stock to make my work a lot easier in general. And it will also mean that Josh has a great project at work here in the US to keep him it is a win-win situation either way.  We are just really looking forward to going to the UK.  So unless we're actually told otherwise, we're still preparing as though we are leaving the 2nd week of Jan.

By early next week, I'll have a pretty impressive amount of stock made...I'll have to post some pictures as the piles of boxes start to grow.

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