Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend shennanigans

On Saturday I turned 29.  Josh whisked me away to Cincinnati, OH  for a fun morning/afternoon of shopping at IKEA (that's the closest one to Indy).  We got a few things--mostly picture frames, more fun drinking straws.  you know, silly stuff.  still absolutely loving a lot of their kitchen designs (esp after coming home from england and really appreciating a more modern, sleek approach to kitchen cabinets and such).  so it was fun to just play and daydream.  our very traditional 70's era house would not be very receptive to a modern kitchen make-over.  probably for the best.

We did take a look at the baby furniture ikea had to offer.  surprisingly, we weren't that enthused with what we saw.  Which is totally fine by us.  We really only need a couple of things.  Midge's room has a huge closet.  we have some fun stacking cubbies in her room already (i had a dream the other night that Midge was a girl and we named her Lydia).  We just need a nice nursing chair for me.  and a changing table...but we have a long low dresser-sideboard chest thing that we found on the street corner in the neighborhood a couple years ago that I think would be perfect.  Just add some side rails.  Put a changing pad in and voila!   It just needs some prettifing (and work on the drawers to make them run more smoothly).  but that's easy enough to do.

we have a cradle to get us started (family heirloom.  it was built by josh's dad when Josh was born.  all family and friends to the Clough family have used it (each baby who slept in the cradle gets an engraved name tag added to the cradle frame).  So we're set on the sleeping arrangements for at least the first several months until midge starting pulling herself up.  then we'll have to switch to an actual crib.

and I'm having a hard time finding a nursing chair i like. But i have plenty of time still, so really not that concerned.

Back to IKEA...thought we had found the perfect base onto which i can affix all my england rocks for showcasing them.  but now thinking I may not use what we bought.  it's ok, it was cheap, and can be used in other ways.

Sat night we went for an amazing dinner (courtesy of a very generous gift card from the parents-in-law for last years anniversary) at Eddie Merlots.  It's a very nice restaurant, with just a couple of other locations across the area.  so it's not to chain-y.  We had a fantastic time.  I sipped on sparkling water in lieu of the hundreds of wine bottles and wine tasting rooms that surrounded us.  Josh bucked the trend and had a beer and later a scotch.  (the tour in scotland got him appreciating scotch from time to time).  Lobster mashed potatoes help establish that all was right in the world.

So now it's Monday.  and Indianapolis is bracing for "iceageddon" as the forecasters have been calling it.  Apparently we're due to have about an inch of ice during the overnight, with more to fall over the next several days.  So I need to stop typing and go get more ice melt from lowes.  and i could stand to have a few other groceries on hand, too....

and then, it's work.  I have some work that i'm really excited about, but still having a hard time actually focusing on it. I feel like such a scatter-brained ditz these days.  I like to blame it on the cold garage.  but it's really me (err, rather, the growing Midge in me).  but the cold garage doesn't help any.

one of these days I'll post pictures of something or other for your entertainment.  but that smacks of effort.  and like i said, i just don't have the focus for effort.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm officially starting to feel the baby kick!  I've had some funny "pinging" sensations up to now (18.5 weeks)...but I just felt some actual movements that have me 100% certain it's Midge! 

Do I really have to keep on working today?  Can't I just lay around and talk to my belly/Midge the rest of the day?

Friday, January 21, 2011

updates all around

I'm over due for an update!  this is a long update.  Sorry.

-I haven't posted any of those wedding pix I said I was going to post last week.  Nor have I posted the additional price sheets.  but at least I'm aware that I haven't posted any of those things rather than just completely forgetting

-I'm getting ready to roll into 18wks in my pregnancy.  had to switch to sweat pants today, cause the jeans just aren't covering anymore (and the rubber band trick isn't cutting it either).  We have our 2nd ultrasound scheduled for Feb 3rd!

-Rufus: i.e. sick kitty.  Well, he still isn't acting sick, which I find to be a good thing.  We had a few scared the other weekend, but after finding cat grass, hairballs, and plastic amongst the mess, we realized that was just Rufi being Rufi..and nothing to do with his current liver problem.  His liver still isn't functioning properly..but we're so much better than we were 2.5 weeks ago.  He got retested last week: 2 of the 3 liver functions are close enough to the normal range that the docs were ok saying they were normal.  The WBC count was almost back to the normal range.  but one thing that's still elevated that can't be ignored is the 3rd liver function- Bilirubin.  Yes, like with newborns.  My fuzzy infant still has an elevated bilirubin count, and they don't know why.  I really want to just go get a little bili-blanket for the guy.  and if it wasn't so darn cold outside (neg #s today!) I'd take him outside to lay in the sunshine.  ..but as it stands, we're to stay on antibiotics for a total of 3 weeks more.   But Rufi is super lovey, has a fantastic (bordering on annoying) appetite.  put on 1.5 lbs between his visits over the last few weeks.  He's social and starting to play-fight with Mickey again (which we see as a good thing!).  So it may sound bad for me to say, but I'm really not that worried about Rufi.  He seems to be doing really well.  We just have to do meds 2x a day..and he loves it becuase he gets mass quantities of fancy canned cat food afterward.  So everyone is happy. (including mickey--that fat cat gets to lick the spoon. that cat has to loose some weight..we'll tackle that next).

-Ok it's friday.  Last friday, I started a new thing with my "fun" friday afternoons:  cooking.  I know, crazy idea!  No, but really, it's cooking to get ahead.  canning and freezing things to help build up a nice, healthy stockpile of easy to prepare foods.  Things are only going to get more hectic from here on out.  and usually, when I don't feel like making dinner, josh "makes" dinner (i.e., what you do feel like tonight honey, pizza or burgers?).  But i have to give the guy a lot of credit.  He works really late into the evening, and is tired himself by the time he gets home.  He's great and putting together a meal if he has the components and knows what's there.  But he doesn't like to come up with the meal idea on his own.  And seeing as how he is increasingly becoming the CFO (chief Food officer...he's also the CEO -Chief exercise officer.  Yes, we really talk like that in our house), then I want to arm him with good and easy options.  'cause I KNOW that closer to my labor date and after baby is here, I ain't gonna be cookin' for a while.

So last week, I canned up a few extra jars of some yummy homemade meat-pasta sauce.  I was going to do a whole bunch of white-chili today, but i need ingredients, and it's wicked cold outside.  So I think I'll make up a bunch of pizza dough and starting freezing a stockpile of that.  On my wishlist for my birthday:  an upright chest freezer.  We'll see if the birthday fairy has been listening.

-last thing before I get back to work---We ordered a stroller last week, and it arrived!  We went for the used goodness of well cared for items offered on eBay.  Mainly becuase the full price of the stroller we wanted (plus all it's accessories) was a little ridiculous.  There's a certified reseller of Quinny Buzz strollers on eBay, though.  We came across an amazing deal on one of the strollers, and it came with all of the various seats and covers..even the wicked cute bassinet.  The stroller looks brand spankin' new.  I'm so pleased!!  I think we only paid about 1/3rd of what it all would have cost retail.  and there are a few things that we know we won't be using that, if we resold, we could recoup almost the entire price of what we paid.  Our set is black and gray...not the fancy bright colors.  But I'm fine with that.  hides dirt better :)  and it has reflective piping on it, so we'll still be visible on our evening walks.  Ok, I really need to start looking into classes through the hospital ASAP...gotta learn how to actually get this kid out of me before we can go on walks, eh?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

all done.

Well I'm finally done with Jury Duty.  I was put on a criminal case.  It was an interesting experience.  It really put me behind in my work, so I am really sorry about that.  I didn't get home until really late in the evening yesterday.  and today i had to drive through the worst weather conditions I've ever had to drive in, in order to get to the court house to finish up today's case.  I was late.  I was the last juror to arrive.  Oh well.  The judge was nice about it.  It took me an hour to do a drive that normally takes 15-20 minutes.  I had given myself 45 to do the drive.  Shoulda left a full hour early...didn't know I-70 was going to be a parking lot with snow.   I was genuinely scared, the roads were so bad.  But I got there safely (love my subi).  Fortunately, I got home before dark today, and the roads were much, much better for the drive home.

so now, I've done my civic duty, and I'm now ready to go back to being a crown maker again.  I've gotten the price list posted on the alexander crown page.  I've got the dimitrie and aaron crown lists ready to go and will post those in the morning.  and I have TONS of wedding pictures to get post on the site  I LOVE all the photos couples have been sending me...keep them coming!!!!  I got a whole slew sized down, just need to actually post...again, another task for tomorrow am.  and now:  bedtime.  Now that I can think of things other than criminals, guns, and shootings.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jury Duty

My group was called in for Jury Duty tomorrow.  I guess it's better to get this done with earlier in the week since I'm trying to avoid canceling appointments at the end of the week.  Being the nervous nellie that I am, I really don't want to deal with driving downtown during rush hour.  To be perfectly honest, that is what I'm dreading the most about all of this.  The time away from work doesn't make me happy either...but it's really just the whole dealing with parking and all that junk.  I'll get by, though.  I always do.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday already?! Woo!

Time Flies when you're busy!  I do like Fridays around here, though...and not for just the obvious reason of it almost being the weekend.  On Fridays, I try and be good and have a normal work morning.  Then on Friday afternoons, that's when I 'allow' myself to do a project...whether it's something out in the workshop or a house project...doesn't really matter.  Just something that's fun that I don't typically have time to do during the week.

Today's project:  finishing the workshop organization project.  One of my m-i-ls in coming over (I have 2 :)  ) to help me out.  She helped me get the initial organizing going--i.e. boxing up stuff that I'm not using right now, unpacking things that I had in storage while we were in England.  You know, that kind of thing. 

Josh and I got all that newly boxed up stuff put up in the attic over the weekend, so now there's a bit more space in the garage.  So today, Lynn and I will be creating "clean" storage for crown, tray, and candle inventory.  And that in turn frees up some other shelving, which means there will now be a proper place for most everything out in the workshop.  Yay!

The garage has been warming up for about an hour now.  Should be nice and toasty out there in another hour or so.  Despite my lovely cup of decaf coffee (or becuase of) I'm still tired--and a little chilly-- and I didn't really like my breakfast.  Fortunately, pregnant ladies are allowed to have 2 breakfasts (by my rules), so I'll just make sure bfast #2 is a little tastier.

(Oh and sick kitty, Rufus, seems to be doing much better.   responding well to antibiotics.  and finally gaining a little weight back.  we go back in next Friday to have blood drawn to recheck liver levels.)

Have a good Friday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

...and today just happens to be Josh's and my 7th wedding anniversary.   Our anniversary usually gets the year started off on the right foot, pretty good deal if you ask me.

and I'm 15 weeks pregnant today...and having to start transitioning into maternity clothing.  Yeah, the pants aren't really buttoning up anymore.  I've been using the rubber band trick to keep them closed for the past few days.  I took to the sewing machine over the Holidays to start sewing knit waistbands into some old pants.  Much better.  Now for the tops....

So with needing to finish up altering some of Josh's old button-ups, along with a nice long list of emails and crowns to tend to, it's going to be a busy week.  (Plus a kitty cat who seems to have a liver infection! :(   I just want to curl up with the little guy all day long!)

I may have to go in for Jury Duty next week (I call-in the night before for a full week to see if/when my group gets called).  I truly don't have a problem doing my civic duty..but next week is not a good week to possibly have to go in for Jury Duty.  Praying my group doesn't get called.

the Garage heaters have been running for an hour another hour or so, it might be warm enough to start work for the day...the more pregnant I get, the less willing I am to work out in the cold garage.  ugh.  It could be worse, though.  So on that note, that's it for the Monday morning ramble.  I'll see what I can do to keep you entertained this week.  Happy New Year.