Wednesday, April 13, 2011

winning streak

OK, i just have to tell "someone" out there about my winning streak in Scrabble. 

My husband and I love this game.  and Josh is a very, very intelligent guy.  He is my Rocket Scientist, after all.  But the last 3 games in a row (we have been playing almost every night, but some of these are multi-day games, otherwise we'd be up even later than we already are!), I've beaten him!!!  and in our 11 years together, I have NEVER beaten Josh in Scrabble before.  And I was finally able to do it 3 times in a row.  It's those little victories in life that keep us going. :)

We'll see what tonight's match brings.....

Oh, and my super cool nursing chair is going to be delivered on Friday.  And I just picked up the cradle sheets from Penney's today.   We had our first 'childbirth' class last night.  Having to do group activities made me remember how much I hated that kind of thing in school.  I already have issues with feeling "adult" enough to have a child of my own, and having to do group activities doesn't really help with that.  Yes, I'm a non-team player.  Just 1 of many reasons why I have my own business.

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