Tuesday, May 31, 2011

movin' that up a tad....

Sorry folks, I know I had said June 8th...however my increasing discomfort with all things pregnancy related have really been taking their toll.   June 3rd is the new cut off date.

My work doesn't stop on the 3rd...I have to finish making all the orders that I receive during this week. and based on the kinds of 'practice contractions', the massive heat wave the midwest is experiencing right now, my lack of sleep (so hard to get comfy!), and just all things needing to be done to get ready for baby, it's all just feeling a little overwhelming right now. and I need to limit my stress at the moment. and I would rather upset a few people now by moving up the cut off date than taking an order, but not being able to fill it. My very sincere apologies is my date change is going to inconvenience you in any way.

thanks for understanding!

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