Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crown dreams...getting closer to moving.

well, after dreaming about work for another night in a row, i'm happy to say that we're finally getting closer to our move to England being official.  All of our info was submitted to get the COS# from the company (certificate of sponsorship)

Once we have that COS#, and the "Ok to go" from a couple of bosses, then josh and I will be off to Chicago to go to the UK embassy to apply for our Visas.

We're also attempting to get ahold of the lady who is organizes the move to help ensure that we've done all that we need to do...and to see if we're forgetting any steps...oh yeah, and making sure we have a place to live (minor detail).

So we're getting closer.  and We're at about T-minus 5 weeks from our goal departure date (tickets won't be purchased until after visas are received).  the jokes at josh's work about how the trip may be delayed due to Iceland's volcano are getting really old.  Josh has accurately been telling everything that, the trip had better not be delayed any, otherwise I;ll lose it and got ballistic on someone there....that or I'll make Josh swim us over there, with me on his back.  That usually get's a good laugh...but it's true!

Ok, so status update about work:  My daddy will be here later this weekend, to start learning the shipping steps.  josh is getting stuff configured so that, From England, i can print to my printer here in Indy!  So I'll be printing of the shipping labels, and daddy just has to stick them on the right boxes!

and speaking of boxes...Wow.  Yeah, i'm a little hesitant to show photos of our living room right now.  mass of inventory boxes stacked waist high.  unorganized.  Ribbon scraps everywhere.  stacks of crowns out in the garage that need to be polished and/or attached with ribbon.  gettin' closer.

i will start posting pix of this whole process...but then it's hard to find the time to post pix.  eh.  excuses, excuses.

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