Friday, April 16, 2010


So, I'm having balance, sensory, depth perception issues right now!  And that that's not good when working on crowns:

I was just working on making a bunch of new textile crowns.  and to make these, I drip a few holes, put 1 rivet, then go back and drill the 2nd  hole, for the 2nd rivet.

So I was doing just that, and I guess I wasn't paying attention, and as I started to drill the 2nd hole in a crown, it got ripped out of my hand!  and because of a backerboard i have on the press, and with how fast the drill was turning, the alminum crown just completely wrapped itself around the drill bit!  and even though it was fabric covered, it got ripped out so fast that it cut up my hand as it wrapped itself around the drill press.

So after bandaging myself up, i went to the fridge for
some Soda-pop.  (diet coke always helps me pull myself together).  and i went to take a drink, and I spilled soda all over my face and the floor.  Today is NOT my day!

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