Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heading back to the US!

Hey Crown folks!  The time has come where I need to face reality:  it's time to head back stateside.  Josh and I are flying home in a couple of days.

Our six months in England (for Josh's work) has been incredible...and we're flying home with the future crown lady:  I'm pregnant!  (yes, I'm convinced it's a girl, and yes, I'm assuming she'll want to make crowns for a living..who wouldn't?!).

I didn't keep up with blogging and posting pix.  I know.  For that, I am sorry.  but seriously, I was having too much fun to keep myself tied to the reality of the computer.

And my business didn't completely fizzle while I've been away.  My parents have been amazing...and it was mostly my dad who did the work.  Yes, we had a few shipment mix-ups.  Yes, a crown or 2 arrived with some 'issues', and I had a few grumpy customers.  But you know what, that may have happened whether or not I was at home.  So I'm feeling pretty good about everything.

and wait until you see what I have planned for 2011.  Yes, new crowns..but how about some coordinating hair accessories for bridesmaids and flower girls.  How about some veils and hair pieces that coordinate and integrate perfectly with crowns?  I'm hiring my mom on part-time to help me develop these new lines.

And no, just because she's my mom, doesn't mean that she's automatically qualified.  But let's face it, who do you think taught me what I know about art and creating?  I'm working on the "about Peggy" page to tell you more about my mom...but in the mean time, take a look here.

And I have not forgotten about Crown cases.   Give me some time to get back in town, and I'll have some answers about case progress.

Ok, so all these new grand a baby on the way create a bit of a space concern.    I'm considering taking out a business loan to remodel the attic and turn it into workspace.  You can bet that as soon as I can, I'll be pulling down the attic stairs and crawling my way to see if there is actually room to make this worthwhile.  There should be.  The real trick is building the staircase up to the attic without taking up too much garage space.  we shall see!

So my apologies for not keeping the blog up to date as we traveled all over the UK...but I did upload a few new pix to that slideshow for your entertainment.  I'm actually looking forward to getting back to our home in Indy.  I loved the life we had before going to England.  and I loved our life in England.  and I thoroughly intend on loving my life even more with our return.

Thanks to all those customers that grinned-and-bared this weird time in our lives.


  1. Mrs. Corey is my hero! A psychologist and a artisan? One day I will be as awesome as your mom.