Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rough morning!

My email suddenly started acting up this morning. I have my email set up as imap, so that copy of everything stays on my web hosts' server....yeah, it makes downloading emails/pix slower, but it ensures that I always have a back-up of my business emails.

Well all of a sudden, I started getting error messages as I was trying to send emails...and it was an error I'd never seen before. The error came into play when my sent email tried to write a copy of itself to my "sent" email folder. It couldn't write to the proper folder on the server because it suddenly didn't exist!

Someone at 1and1.com deleted a folder somewhere for some reason, and it messed up my email!!

an hour and a half later with tech support, I can now send email again. All of my past "sent" emails are in a "sent items" folder, and all of my newly sent emails are not writing to the usual sent folder. but things are all segregated now and I don't like it! this was not a particularly great start to my day. Oh well, I guess I should be happy that all of my emails weren't lost.

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