Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New site features and news

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have so much to report, let's see if I can do this in an organized fashion:

1)Tomorrow, Jan 4th, will be my first day back to work. So, Thank you to everyone, in advance, for being patient with me as I catch up on emails (didn't stay nearly up to date on email correspondence over break as I had planned). I'm also recovering from a really bad sinus infection that set in the day after Christmas(which is why I didn't stay up with emails), so please bear with me as I get back up to speed on everything. (also, I will be out of town most of the day on the 7th)

2)New website features:

My husband Josh, (Today is our 6 year anniversary!) is finalizing some new website features for me (how romantic!). The website will now feature an integrated cart/check-out system. I'll probably be staying up late tonight to ensure that the site is fully up to day and functioning, so that as the updates goes "live" there won't be any confusion.

3) OK, so bear with me on the wedding candle page--I still have a ton of pix to post.

call or email me with may still place orders over the phone (301-237-5858), please excuse my nasally voice from my cold.

I really look forward to seeing what the New Year brings for! And once I feel I'm all up to speed on work and website functionality, then I'll work on adding some pretty pictures to this blog!

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