Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a...

OK, I haven't yet made the official announcement on whether Midge is a He or  She on the set yet.  I've really been slackin' around here, haven't I?! We found out a few weeks ago....
why have just 1 picture of the family jewels, when you can have 2?

pretty picture of his spine
I can't wait to eat those Toes!!!

Skeletor shaking his fist at me, already pounding to get out of my belly.

Not super clear profile shot, but you can see his little lips and nose outlines :)

 So yes, while originally I thought I was having a girl (So much for maternal instinct!) it's a boy.  I love the idea of having a little man running around the house. someone to help keep mommy safe when daddy goes on his business trips. And growing up, I always loved having an older brother, so if we ever do have a girl, then I think she'll be lucky to have an older brother.

So on to the kid who already wants out of my belly:  yeah, lots and lots of kicking.  The amount and intensity of the kicks really does increase every day.  and when he's kicking behind my belly button, it kind of tickles.  and Chocolate always gets him going.  now that's my boy!

All this activity has really made me want to just throw my hands up at my work and start maternity leave now.  but I'm not going to.  I'm certain I can make it through the May/June wedding rush (As most people order several weeks ahead of time) before I stop work and just sell from stock.  However, I am starting to make plans for stockpiling, and know that over the next month or so, I'll have made all the sets of a few crowns styles that will get made pre-baby. 

There are some crowns that are just too labor intensive, or I'm sick of wearing my respirator to protect from paint I'm just gonna stock pile those now and sell from that until the fall.  Just the way it's gonna have to be for a while.  so, back to work!



  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I'm so excited to meet your little man! Thanks for sharing all these pictures with us, hon!

  2. :) Thanks Diana!! I admit, I was already thinking of all the sweet little dresses I could start making if it was a girl. but now, knowing it's a boy..what the heck do you make for a boy??!! A friend of mine has been making capes and other fun dress-up costumes for her little guy. So I may have to follow suit....and maybe figure out some easy overall patterns. So no pink tu tus this time around.