Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day?

so the bad part of working from home is that, technically, you can work through any kind of weather.  

We got hit with a major ice storm last night, with an even worse round of ice moving into the area around noon today.  Everyone is expecting power outages with the weighted down tree limbs.  but so far, we're good.  but we are doing things like filling up water bottles, bringing in more firewood, etc.  I spent all morning deep cleaning the house.  if we're gonna get snowed/iced in, then we're gonna get stuck inside a clean house gosh-darnit!

After a half hour of trying to chip out his car earlier this morning, Josh gave up.  the 1/2" layer of ice was too much. (yeah, see, my work takes up the whole garage now.  the guy doesn't get to park in a garage anymore.)  So he's having to take the day off becuase we can't get either car cleared off sufficiently. 

So now I'm debating if that means I should be a good girl and go out in the garage and work??!  Nearly everyone else in town is taking a snow day.  But ethically, do self-employed folks who work from home get snow days?  Well, I guess it depends on how much I want to get paid today.  no work = no pay.  So maybe I'll work up until noon--when the weather is suppose to hit again, and then call it a snow afternoon. 

Josh is doing some prep work around here for  worst case scenarios, so he's got that kind of thing under control and doesn't need me.  (we have a ton of trees...i'm freaked out about limbs falling on us.  he just went out an inspected everything.  so far so good). 

So now, i guess i'll go get cleaned up (from cleaning the house.  ironic, isn't it?). and go do a bit of work and just see how it goes.

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