Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i did a teensy amount of work yesterday before getting sidetracked and making fun things in the kitchen.  I can never work well when Josh stays home--he's so distracting.  I blame it all on him.

anyway, even thought there's about  4inches of ice on the ground, the roads were downgraded from "watch" to "Advisory"..meaning that technically, the roads are fine.  so josh had to venture into the office today.  took an hour to chip out my Subaru (the VW is completely iced in place.  won't budge).

but sounds like most people still stayed home today, so the roads were nice an empty.  and just a handful of people are at his office today.

i would much rather have another fun snow day at home with josh, but it's probably for the best that he went in.  now i can get some work done today.  i'm being a little pokey about it.  but a work day it shall be.

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