Monday, March 7, 2011

interesting way to start the week.

it's nearly 1am on Sunday night/monday morning.

Plumber left the house about an hour ago.  after 4.5 hours + 250 ft of snake@ time and a half emergency rates, we finally have working plumbing again.

This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks....the 1st time was only 3 hours and 125 feet.  Yeah, apparently this was a different clog, so the 30 day warranty for the previous work didn't apply. 

And being in the pregnant state that I am, I have been avoiding major chemical cleaners.  so poor josh has been left to spray the bleach solution over everything to get it all disinfected.  As Josh just said "the smell of all that watered down bleach has me wanting to go swimming."  I like that I can smell bleach now, rather than sewage.  But my heightened sense of smell really isn't caring much for that scent either. 

Kinda a rough way to start of the week. 

I am grateful for indoor plumbing, but with the kind of luck we've been having with it the last month i'm ready to give up.

At least Rufi-boy wasn't sick all day like the last time.  All we needed last time was to add a crying baby to the mix, and that would have been just perfect.  so in that respect, we're doing pretty well.   oy!

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