Friday, March 11, 2011

Kicking = good, right?

So the other night, Josh was talking to my belly.  The little guy was in quite the feisty, kicking mood (he really responds to Josh's voice!).  So Josh started naming off some of the names we've compiled thus far.  The little guy was quiet, no kicking at all, until we got to one name.  And we got a BIG kick.  Josh continued reading names, but no kicks to any of those.  And when we went back to reading stories, then the kid was just doing his usual fluttery thing.   Soo....we can only guess that he liked the sound of the name, and that's why he kicked....Or was it a fluke?....or does it mean he hates the name?

I usually go with the theory that If I get lots of kicks while eating, then I figure he likes it, right?  so, I think I may apply that to the name game we have going on.

I think I may have also finally located a nursing chair.  Once my short little legs will allow me to out of rather gracefully with out much arm assistance.

But work has been really, really busy the last 2 weeks, so barely any baby-fun has gotten done.  I think I'm still in shock that I'm a week away from my 3rd trimester.

I just had to restock on some materials and shipping supplies.  It is getting to hard to snake in and out of the aisles I have set up in the garage for the various boxes and supplies.  It's hard not to get grumpy about it.  and I need to suddenly have a bunch of safe storage areas for all those crown cases that should be finished any time now.... I need a larger workshop!  But the Spring wedding season is in full swing.  It's been late working days around here....which is fine, since Joshy-boy has been working a lot of late evenings for his work these days, too.  So it at least works out well that we're both needing to work long hours...but man, am I TIRED by the 6pm.  I could seriously go to bed at 6 every night!

OK, back to work--lots of fun engravings to do!

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