Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel reminder

Just a reminder that I am going out of town this Wednesday and will return late on Saturday. Any orders received after today probably won't ship until next Monday. I'm very sorry if this causes any inconvenience!! I will still be in email contact, and you may still call me during this time, and place orders and all that jazz. I just won't be shipping/making anything during my time away.

and on a fun, personal note. I just ordered Greek language lessons from Rosetta Stone to brush up on my Greek! More and more of you are requesting Greek engravings, and I'd really like to be able to fully understand all the language rules for the Greek language since I'm doing so much writing in it. And being Syrian/Lebanese, I didn't go to Greek school as a there are times where I literally have no idea what I'm engraving on some of your crowns! I figured it was about time I learned!

and i guess I should confess that my upcoming travel is a fun personal trip too...Man, I indulge my whims way too much :)  But I'm going out to CA to visit some very, very good friends (this couple is responsible for introducing me to my Josh!).  And they welcomed a sweet little baby boy into their family last summer, and I have yet to meet him!  So I'm going out to visit the Allen family!

And when I get back home to Indy, It'll be crunch time to start getting ready for England.  I'll have about 12 or so weeks to get 6 months worth of crown stock finished up, along with filling all the normal order.  But it will be so worth it. I'll essentially have a 6 month vacation for the time we're in England, and I certainly can't complain about that!

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