Friday, June 11, 2010

Personal tour!

Yesterday was a pretty good day here, despite a drizzly start.  I took off to the art museum and library.  The one large building houses both.  The nice, but modest library occupies the ground floor.  and I was SO happy to be able to be able to go ahead and sign up for a basic library membership (can check out 2 books at a time).  Once I have address verification, then my membership will be upgraded and I can check out more books, cds and dvds.

After that was done, I headed upstairs to their art gallery/museum.  it was an interesting mix of both...started out as a museum, with a great mummy display.  And I ended up getting a personal 30-minute tour from the security guard on duty!  Super cute guy, who goes around to area schools talking about mummies..he's also an aspiring screen writer--so he's a guy who likes to tell stories.  It was really, really cool.

So after the mummies came fossils and minerals.  I skimmed that and when in to the rooms with some art.  A decent collection.  One really neat thing they had was a working orrey model.  One of the main paintings featured an orrey.  And back in the 90's, someone built a model for the museum.  very cool.

Then came there was a war exhibit.  Then artifacts from the Roman era found in and around Derbyshire.  then a HUGE display of Derby china.  The Crown Royal china company is located here...can't want to take a tour of that facility!

The I met Josh for a fantastic lunch at a place called the "Fat Cat Cafe and Bar".  it's one of those places that rarely closes, as they're open for breakfast all the way through the wee hours of the night for their bar area.  We had a fantastic flat-bread sandwiches, served with a lovely and tasty salad and chips (fries)....for 5 pounds (About $7.50)!  We thought that was a pretty good bargain, seeing as you can't get a full meal most places for less than 10 or 12 pounds a person.

And then yesterday evening, we drove about a half-hour out to Licfield to pick up a bike for me.  We won it off of ebay.  So now both joshy boy and I have bikes, and we're ready to tour!!

Oh, and yesterday, I found the post office and got a letter mailed off to Grammers....and it so happened that i received a letter for her the day before.  nice timing!

This morning, one of the other American wives and i went on a nice long run.  It helps she and i are about the same height, so we had a similar stride.  so it was an enjoyable time...not too competitive! 

On that for the rest of the day:  walking into town to get Father's Day Cards.  and the when Joshy boy gets home, we've got to get to the bike shop before it closes to pick a up a full size pump (our travel one ain't gonna cut it), a water bottle cage for my bike, and a couple of bottles.  and the sun is out today, too!

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