Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer reading list

Ok, I like to read...gotta read every night before bed.  Just before coming out here, I finished up the book "Salt"...essentially a world history as pertains to salt.  I found it incredibly interesting..a very good read.

ON the way to England, I started in on "The Secret History of the World".  Unfortunately, I'm really not all that thrilled with it.  Too wordy...and it comes off as an infomercial in many places "and what I'm about to tell the next chapter...well you just won't believe the hidden meaning behind it.  It will change your world" and then he skirts the issues, and then when we get to the the "secret"  it's really not all that secret.  Eh.

So I was pretty excited yesterday when i got to go ahead and check out a book from the central library here.  I decided to go with something cute, easy to read, and all about Britain.  It's essentially a book about what it means to be British.  So far, pretty interesting..but the authors crack a lot of jokes.  so that's mildly distracting, but I like the information thus far.  Just a coupla chapters in...but it's a quick read...a nice distraction from the sllloooww pace of the secret history of the world.

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