Monday, January 31, 2011

weekend shennanigans

On Saturday I turned 29.  Josh whisked me away to Cincinnati, OH  for a fun morning/afternoon of shopping at IKEA (that's the closest one to Indy).  We got a few things--mostly picture frames, more fun drinking straws.  you know, silly stuff.  still absolutely loving a lot of their kitchen designs (esp after coming home from england and really appreciating a more modern, sleek approach to kitchen cabinets and such).  so it was fun to just play and daydream.  our very traditional 70's era house would not be very receptive to a modern kitchen make-over.  probably for the best.

We did take a look at the baby furniture ikea had to offer.  surprisingly, we weren't that enthused with what we saw.  Which is totally fine by us.  We really only need a couple of things.  Midge's room has a huge closet.  we have some fun stacking cubbies in her room already (i had a dream the other night that Midge was a girl and we named her Lydia).  We just need a nice nursing chair for me.  and a changing table...but we have a long low dresser-sideboard chest thing that we found on the street corner in the neighborhood a couple years ago that I think would be perfect.  Just add some side rails.  Put a changing pad in and voila!   It just needs some prettifing (and work on the drawers to make them run more smoothly).  but that's easy enough to do.

we have a cradle to get us started (family heirloom.  it was built by josh's dad when Josh was born.  all family and friends to the Clough family have used it (each baby who slept in the cradle gets an engraved name tag added to the cradle frame).  So we're set on the sleeping arrangements for at least the first several months until midge starting pulling herself up.  then we'll have to switch to an actual crib.

and I'm having a hard time finding a nursing chair i like. But i have plenty of time still, so really not that concerned.

Back to IKEA...thought we had found the perfect base onto which i can affix all my england rocks for showcasing them.  but now thinking I may not use what we bought.  it's ok, it was cheap, and can be used in other ways.

Sat night we went for an amazing dinner (courtesy of a very generous gift card from the parents-in-law for last years anniversary) at Eddie Merlots.  It's a very nice restaurant, with just a couple of other locations across the area.  so it's not to chain-y.  We had a fantastic time.  I sipped on sparkling water in lieu of the hundreds of wine bottles and wine tasting rooms that surrounded us.  Josh bucked the trend and had a beer and later a scotch.  (the tour in scotland got him appreciating scotch from time to time).  Lobster mashed potatoes help establish that all was right in the world.

So now it's Monday.  and Indianapolis is bracing for "iceageddon" as the forecasters have been calling it.  Apparently we're due to have about an inch of ice during the overnight, with more to fall over the next several days.  So I need to stop typing and go get more ice melt from lowes.  and i could stand to have a few other groceries on hand, too....

and then, it's work.  I have some work that i'm really excited about, but still having a hard time actually focusing on it. I feel like such a scatter-brained ditz these days.  I like to blame it on the cold garage.  but it's really me (err, rather, the growing Midge in me).  but the cold garage doesn't help any.

one of these days I'll post pictures of something or other for your entertainment.  but that smacks of effort.  and like i said, i just don't have the focus for effort.


  1. Hi Ann - its Cindy! Now that you had a dream its a girl...your little Midge will probably be a boy! Good luck with the ultrasound soon!

  2. Hey Ann - happy birthday sweets! I once had a dream that Sofía was a redheaded little girl and we named her Strawberry. :) Lydia is a much nicer name than Strawberry!

  3. Ooo Cindy, you know me well!

    And Diana, if anyone could get away with naming their baby Strawberry, it's you! That's actually really cute!!