Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun new phone

So now that I have all my phone numbers resolved, I'm finally receiving all of the new hardware to along with the new phone plans  So the work number 301-237-5858 stays the same, but Josh found me a great set of 3 cordless phones (refurbished).  So I can walk around as I speak with customers.  I can set a phone down anywhere, but still be close to another one, since there are 3 handsets.  Perfect for me! and in case one handset breaks, or gets covered with paint, glue, solder, and who knows what else, well, i have a couple of back-ups. 

And I Just got in my new cell phone for my new, personal cell line (this is a new thing for have work life and personal life separated via phone.  very exciting).  Again, I purchased a refurbished cell phone.  But it's so cool: It obviously came from someone in India, as the calendar is set with all the many Indian holidays and festivals.  And it came pre-loaded with some really awesome bollywood-type ring tones!!  :)  It really doesn't take much to amuse me these days...just fun music, apparently.......

Oh, and the phones arrived with UK chargers as well as US chargers, which is awesome, since well need those UK ones in a few months.  So feeling happy that we have that part of our lives resolved. 

My dad has been staying with us the last several days.  He's had many dr appointments over here in Indy, so we convinced him to stay with us in between appointments.  So I've been having fun with my dad...but also not getting a whole lot of work done.  he's leaving this afternoon, so I'll get back to work soon, I promise.

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