Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy weather, plan change

Well, I was supposed to be going out of town today....but I changed my plans...It's snowing all across Indiana today--accumulations of up to 6 inches here at my house...and more in other places. I figured, eh....why risk crazy drivers on the highway if I don't have to?

So I'll be at home most of the day today (still have to run out and do some errands). I am actually looking forward to a good snow covering, as that really helps insulate the garage. Right now, it's just above freezing out in my workshop (garage workshop). Not very pleasant at all. I've been bringing as much of my work indoors as I can. I have a little space heater out there...I really need to get a better one. Yesterday I was able to get the temp up to 43, which, with a coat and gloves on is bearable. I have a lot of engraving work that must be done today....and that can't be brought indoors. So I think I'll just have to grin and bear it.

We added a whole extra layer of insulation to the attic area over the garage this past fall. And while that has helped keep the garage warmer, it hasn't really kept it at a comfortable temp. Our Garage door is about 2 inches too tall for the opening (previous owner had driveway repaved...raised the level of the garage the door doesn't fit now) we have a lot of gaps...that's why it gets so cold out there. So what do you do? completely bust out a decent driveway and have it re-poured at the proper height? cut down a perfectly good solid wood garage door by 2 inches...that will suddenly be 2 inches too short if the driveway is ever redone. No real easy fix. There could be worse things in life to put up with, though....

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