Sunday, January 3, 2010


One other change to everything is that I'm going to start charging for shipping. I's no fun to have to pay shipping. But I just can't afford to continue comping the shipping costs any longer. I held out as long as I could...

It seems as though I'm in that middle-ground of growth where, I'm too large/have too many expenses to be able to continue the free shipping feature, but not yet large enough where I have enough cash flow to be able to afford the mounting costs of shipping.

Currently, shipping will be flat rates as follows:
Domestic (all US states and territories) $10 flat rate
International $30 flat rate.

I ship via USPS (international) Priority Mail.

But maybe this will cheer you up in case you're feeling annoyed about the shipping costs: I just got an update to my engraving software, and I have dozens of new fonts!!! I'll be creating a new test plate to photograph and post on the engraving page this week.

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