Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the record...

Well we just got back from having our biometric info taken.   It was at the immigration office here in Indy--so that was pretty neat to get to see people who are going through the naturalization process.  But i didn't have much time to do any people watching (a favorite pastime) as they called us right back.  but when we first went to the proper room, right after getting off the elevator, you get it's just an intimidating way to start the fairly benign process of scanning fingerprints. 

The finger-print scanning thing was pretty cool, and then it was just a quick photo--like for a driver's license.  We were under the impression that it'd be one of those cool 360 degree style photos.  not so much.  It took all of 10 minutes, plus $5 for parking.

so we're waiting on Rolls Royces Global HR office to submit a letter certifying employment....and then once we have that, we'll be overnighting our huge application packet (including josh's ph.d. diploma (Oy!)) to the uk embassy in chicago.  we'll be employing a company to help rush the process along, so that with any luck, we'll receive the Visas within 3 days after they receive the application.

Then we can book the plane tickets.

Almost there......

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