Thursday, May 20, 2010

a place to live...

Ok, so we're still waiting on apartment/address verification for our new diggs in Derby.....

Way back in Nov, when we were ramping up for our original departure date of early Jan., we had put in our preference for a fairly new complex, right on the edge of the City Center area (downtown).  So i would be within walking distance of everything during the day while Josh was at work.  (I won't be covered for driving over there, but the company covers Josh..he even gets driving lessons :) ).

And to back peddle just a wee bit, we actually originally requested an apartment in a super nice complex that a coworker stayed in during a month long stay..also right on edge of the City Center.  We were told that we couldn't live there because that was "serviced housing"...i.e. a weekly cleaning service went in to clean the place.  People who are there for a month or less get put up in serviced housing, as it's cheaper than a hotel.  But it's waaaay more expensive than just a regular ole flat. 

Well, we find out today, that part of the hold up with getting us an apartment is that, that um, they ran out of available apartments that the company has rights to.  yeah.  There are so many Americans (and possibly employees from other countries, but we've heard from a lot of Americans already) over in Derby right now that they ran out of apartments!

So guess what.  It looks like we're getting put in the swanky serviced housing complex.  (well, according to online pix, it looks pretty swanky)

But its more than likely that we will get moved out of serviced housing once a regular apartment vacates.

the one thing that would be pretty upsetting is if they try and put us in an apartment complex on the outskirts of town.  I guess those apartments are pretty nice, but you have to have a car to get anywhere, or so we've been told by some couples currently staying there.  and so we keep repeating that i won't be able to drive while we're there, so i need to be in walking distance of downtown.  it will be interesting to see what happens.

the anxiety of all of this is starting to manifest itself.  not feeling so great the last couple of days.  having a hard time finishing up my work from the nausea.  ugh. 

my mama is coming into town on Saturday to help me get the house in order for Pops.  I'm looking forward to having my mama all to myself for a day.  and hopefully we'll be assigned an address tomorrow!

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