Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Really feeling the stress...

But i really can't complain, as things are chugging along pretty smoothly.  The reality of being away from home and my kitties for 6 months is starting to set it.  Starting to feel nervous about all the work stuff (my work, not Josh's).

My car is due to come off its lease while we're away, so we just made arrangements to buy out the lease early.  So need to go sign papers at the bank soon.  On Thursday, we go downtown to get our biometric info taken.   we got out passport photos taken that have to accompany the visa application. (don't worry, we already have actual passports).  but thursday, after our appt, we'll be overnight the application to the UK embassy in chicago.  Many of josh's coworkers have received their visas in as little as 3 days.

once we have the visas, and scan a copy to the right people with josh's work, then we'll finally be allowed to book plane tickets....and we'll actually get the rest of the relocation info.

A recliner, to help my dad feel more at-home here is being delivered any day now.

my dad will be here for several days next week.

I'm about 1/2 way done with the amount of crown stock i want to get made...and don't talk to me about the candles.  ugh.

I have mass quantities of photos i need to post on the site....but i do have a new laptop (well, new to me, it's a refurbished lenovo (IBM)) that will allow me to do some good work on the go.  I have my new camera already.

we have all our dr's appts taken care of before we leave...we just need to stock up on a few things we want to take with us (contact lens solution), and stock up on goodies for daddy (kool-aid and m-n-ms) and i guess we're good to go.  I'm freaking out that we really only have about 3 weeks until we leave..so back to work.

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