Thursday, May 13, 2010

waiting game

Ok, we overnighted out visa applications to a company in chicago who aids in rush visas.  but we had a delay, because we only included one photo, each, in our original application.  turns out we needed 2 photos of each.

josh about hit the roof when I told him (yeah, i got to field all those emails).  so we got new mugshots taken (ugh...end of the day, tired, can't even show a hint of a smile...yeah, not very pretty).  overnighted those.  chicago got them.  our applications are at the consulate.  so now we wait....until they hopefully grant us which case, they will then be overnighted, with all our originals-hopefully.    so there is a slim chance we will have everything back tomorrow....or Saturday....or Monday...

We had to mail josh's actual ph.d diploma (he was not happy about that), a full 12 months of pay stubs, our original marriage license, our passports, multiple applications, copies of all of that...and rights to our first born child.


i have given myself only until the end of this week to finish making stock.  i need to post photos of the stock..but i'm so overwhelmed, i don't even feel like transferring photos off my camera!

i will soon, though.. josh has taken some pretty amusing photos of all the crowns.

ok, back to work.


  1. Poor sweetie. I know it must all just suck so much over there. Try and pace yourself, and remember, if you don't get it all done, it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things! I don't know if I communicated on my blog how crazy stressed I was getting over here, but it boiled down to a medical and marital intervention! All for the best - I'm feeling much better now. But man... this kind of stress is a killer!

  2. Hey Diana! Fortunately, we've both only "lost it" a couple of times. The stress is really just affecting our sleep at this point. And you're so right...whatever doesn't get done before we leave, well, it just doesn't get done. i'm coming to terms with that. I'm so glad thins are going a little smoother over there for you guys. I feel like this week will be our "magic" week...where everything will magically fall into place. Wishful thinking? I miss you!