Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm officially starting to feel the baby kick!  I've had some funny "pinging" sensations up to now (18.5 weeks)...but I just felt some actual movements that have me 100% certain it's Midge! 

Do I really have to keep on working today?  Can't I just lay around and talk to my belly/Midge the rest of the day?


  1. OMG isn't that the best feeling!? And it will get so you can see her move, and even identify an elbow, a bottom, a foot... Tell what she likes to "eat" and what she doesn't... oh now I'm all nostalgic!

  2. It's totally crazy! He's big enough that he's kickin' right behind my belly button now..It almost tickles!! He's totally diggin' anything chocolate. It's so distracting to get kicked while you're trying to focus on something else. I love it though!