Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

...and today just happens to be Josh's and my 7th wedding anniversary.   Our anniversary usually gets the year started off on the right foot, pretty good deal if you ask me.

and I'm 15 weeks pregnant today...and having to start transitioning into maternity clothing.  Yeah, the pants aren't really buttoning up anymore.  I've been using the rubber band trick to keep them closed for the past few days.  I took to the sewing machine over the Holidays to start sewing knit waistbands into some old pants.  Much better.  Now for the tops....

So with needing to finish up altering some of Josh's old button-ups, along with a nice long list of emails and crowns to tend to, it's going to be a busy week.  (Plus a kitty cat who seems to have a liver infection! :(   I just want to curl up with the little guy all day long!)

I may have to go in for Jury Duty next week (I call-in the night before for a full week to see if/when my group gets called).  I truly don't have a problem doing my civic duty..but next week is not a good week to possibly have to go in for Jury Duty.  Praying my group doesn't get called.

the Garage heaters have been running for an hour another hour or so, it might be warm enough to start work for the day...the more pregnant I get, the less willing I am to work out in the cold garage.  ugh.  It could be worse, though.  So on that note, that's it for the Monday morning ramble.  I'll see what I can do to keep you entertained this week.  Happy New Year.

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