Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday already?! Woo!

Time Flies when you're busy!  I do like Fridays around here, though...and not for just the obvious reason of it almost being the weekend.  On Fridays, I try and be good and have a normal work morning.  Then on Friday afternoons, that's when I 'allow' myself to do a project...whether it's something out in the workshop or a house project...doesn't really matter.  Just something that's fun that I don't typically have time to do during the week.

Today's project:  finishing the workshop organization project.  One of my m-i-ls in coming over (I have 2 :)  ) to help me out.  She helped me get the initial organizing going--i.e. boxing up stuff that I'm not using right now, unpacking things that I had in storage while we were in England.  You know, that kind of thing. 

Josh and I got all that newly boxed up stuff put up in the attic over the weekend, so now there's a bit more space in the garage.  So today, Lynn and I will be creating "clean" storage for crown, tray, and candle inventory.  And that in turn frees up some other shelving, which means there will now be a proper place for most everything out in the workshop.  Yay!

The garage has been warming up for about an hour now.  Should be nice and toasty out there in another hour or so.  Despite my lovely cup of decaf coffee (or becuase of) I'm still tired--and a little chilly-- and I didn't really like my breakfast.  Fortunately, pregnant ladies are allowed to have 2 breakfasts (by my rules), so I'll just make sure bfast #2 is a little tastier.

(Oh and sick kitty, Rufus, seems to be doing much better.   responding well to antibiotics.  and finally gaining a little weight back.  we go back in next Friday to have blood drawn to recheck liver levels.)

Have a good Friday!

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