Tuesday, January 11, 2011

all done.

Well I'm finally done with Jury Duty.  I was put on a criminal case.  It was an interesting experience.  It really put me behind in my work, so I am really sorry about that.  I didn't get home until really late in the evening yesterday.  and today i had to drive through the worst weather conditions I've ever had to drive in, in order to get to the court house to finish up today's case.  I was late.  I was the last juror to arrive.  Oh well.  The judge was nice about it.  It took me an hour to do a drive that normally takes 15-20 minutes.  I had given myself 45 to do the drive.  Shoulda left a full hour early...didn't know I-70 was going to be a parking lot with snow.   I was genuinely scared, the roads were so bad.  But I got there safely (love my subi).  Fortunately, I got home before dark today, and the roads were much, much better for the drive home.

so now, I've done my civic duty, and I'm now ready to go back to being a crown maker again.  I've gotten the price list posted on the alexander crown page.  I've got the dimitrie and aaron crown lists ready to go and will post those in the morning.  and I have TONS of wedding pictures to get post on the site  I LOVE all the photos couples have been sending me...keep them coming!!!!  I got a whole slew sized down, just need to actually post...again, another task for tomorrow am.  and now:  bedtime.  Now that I can think of things other than criminals, guns, and shootings.

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